360 Degree Software Security

Compromising with the security of application directly compromises the operations of business.


The rapid evolution of cyber threats can be destructive for the business you created with love, care and utter hard work. At Intigate, we use cutting-edge technological solutions to build customized security programs aimed at reducing cyber risk. With our 360-degree cybersecurity services, you can ensure privacy, client trust, as well as financial and operational integrity of your growing business.

Our 360 Degree Cybersecurity Capabilities

Our 360˚ cybersecurity solutions are tailored to improve the safety of your IT systems, making them more reliable and safe for storing and exchanging sensitive business information.

Cloud-Based Data Protection

We provide cloud optimization services aimed to improve data protection, backup, and host mission-critical applications—all while lowering cyber risk.

Advanced Scalability

Our versatile technological and cybersecurity solutions can adapt to your changing business needs.

Data-Driven Approach

We provide detailed insights by analyzing real-time data to improve business functions’ visibility and help with effective and quick decision making.

Threat detection through AI& Machine Learning

Our top-notch AI services automate time-consuming administrative tasks and get valuable insights through data analysis and helps security operations stay ahead of threats.

Value-Driven Tech Investments

Our thoughtful technological implementations not only provide high returns on investment by boosting your organization’s productivity and efficiency but also secure your organization multi-dimensionally.

Internet of Things (IoT) to Rescue

We have developed the capability of harnessing the power of IoT for transferring and securing data quicker and more efficiently according to industry-specific requirements.

SDLC Process – 360 Degree Cybersecurity

We provide end-to-end software product development and specialized technological services to meet your specific business needs. When our clients involve us right from the onset of production conceptualization, we build robust solutions that are scalable and user-friendly.

  • Requirements Analysis

    We begin by collecting relevant information as per your request and requirements from the project.

  • UI/UX Design

    We develop high and low-level software architecture and UI screens using the information obtained previously.

  • Development/Coding

    Using agile methodologies, we divide project modules and begin coding the system using suitable programming languages and coding guidelines.

  • Testing

    Our QA testing team tests the functionality of the code to identify and fix bugs that improve the solution’s performance.

  • Deployment

    Our team deploys the finalized version of the software or application to it can be launched to target your user market.

  • Production Support

    As per your SLA, Intigate ensures that ongoing needs for maintenance and support for the deployed solution are met effectively.

Why is Intigate the best choice for AI & ML development?

While designing software product development solutions for our clients, we move away from the one-size-fits-all approach and work with you to analyze, build and deploy a final product that can boost innovation and productivity. Our most popular development/operational models include:

Top-tier Quality

We deliver supreme quality products validated through in house testing and real world implementation. Our enterprise scale products are delivering value to some major organizations worldwide.

Seamless Communication

We specialise in open communication to seamlessly collaborate with clients to address problems fast and effectively. We stay approachable and open to feedback and suggestions at every stage of the project.

Transparency & Accountability

We stay transparent with our clients completely regarding costs, challenges and proposed ideas. Our approach of taking 100% responsibility of tasks assigned makes us stand out when dealing with difficult situations during development.

Post Release Support

Our services never stop at delivery, we assure endless support for our clients throughout the life of the product. Every client that we have served has trusted us with support and maintenance functions.


Managed IT Services Customized for Your Industry And Your Organization

Our customized vertical solutions allow your organization to thrive by streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Our marketing strategies and design concepts are customized for your specific needs no matter the industry.

Let’s Work On Project Together To Deliver You The Best. Ready?

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