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When it comes to IT infrastructures, the need for up-gradation and continuous improvement is not lost on any industry vertical. Companies that don’t have access to an in-house IT department often struggle with resolving IT issues and stay up to date with the latest technologies as they lack IT support.

Lack of responsive IT support can derail ongoing business operations, prevent clients or users from accessing systems, platforms or networks, and interfere in your current IT infrastructure’s performance.

With Intigate, you have an entire team of IT support executives and industry experts at your disposal. From improving your help desk’s response and resolution times to conducting preventative IT maintenance and vulnerability testing for your cybersecurity systems, we work both independently and in collaboration with your team to provide you with timely IT support.

We provide direct support access and develop SLAs that further simply your path to receiving interventional support to deal with daily or unique technology challenges.

Our Capabilities

Intigate aims to provide you with unwavering support that enables you to improve your organization’s help desk averages, enabling you to answer tickets and resolve user queries without performance interruptions.

Help Desk

With 24-hour help desk support, you can have access to an IT professional and receive fast and highly effective services with whatever query or ticket you have seek to resolve; whether it’s password recovery or suspended database access.

Email and Document Recovery

Whether caused by an untimely power outage or system error, not all hope is lost when you need to recover a lost email or document. With our recovery solutions, we can track missing files to prevent interruptions.

Sync Issues

Seamless data access is critical, especially for organizations and departments that rely heavily on key information insights. Whether you’re facing file path issues or connectivity errors, our file sync services will address transfers at once.

Updates and Patching

Continuous monitoring and regular diagnostics ensure that all critical functions remain operational and optimized through update installations and patching services.


Managed IT Services Customized for Your Industry And Your Organization

Our customized vertical solutions allow your organization to thrive by streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Our marketing strategies and design concepts are customized for your specific needs no matter the industry.

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