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Optimized Integration of Smart Digital Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Sector Helps Improve Customer Experience


Energy companies face the challenges of ever-increasing consumer demand, depleting resources, smart grid compliance requirements, dynamic pricing, and above all transformation to the digitization of the processes. With us, you can streamline your operations and adopt the best practices available in the market to improve your productivity and efficiency. While working with companies in the energy and utility industry, we have gained a thorough understanding of the sector and can support and accelerate your organization’s digital transformation journey.

At Intigate Technologies, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to development can’t build effective and robust software. Our professionals work closely with the functional experts of the clients to develop customized software solutions for their needs. Our IT specialists and developers leverage their skills in advanced technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud computing to help you gain a competitive edge.

What Intigate Can Do for You

Our experience along with our team’s exceptional capabilities has allowed us to build a deep understanding of the energy and utilities sector.

IoT Integration in Energy Devices

In order to facilitate wireless connectivity between devices in the energy sector, we integrate IoT technologies. This integration of advanced technologies can transform how the energy sector performs in these changing times. From distribution toses, to end-usage everything can be aligned in real-time for efficient functioning, thus changing the shape of this industry.

Energy and Utility Management

Intigate allows clients to minimize risks and enhance efficient operations and connectivity with technology-driven utility management applications. From recording energy or utility consumption and creating emission reports to billing and saving money, our custom solutions make utility management simplified.

Digital Transformation for the Utility Industry

As the energy industry begins to evolve, Intigate’s solutions help companies transform digitally, increase their chances of optimized efficiency, increase profitability, maintain regulatory compliance, manage risk, and enhance the bottom line.

Data Management

With data analytics integrated into management platforms, we enable clients to access and manage data to improve efficiency and build a unified repository for customers, grids, facilities, and operations through BI solutions.

Our Solutions

At Intigate Technologies, we understand that your operations are critical. High availability of data, advanced network and data protection, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, network-linked devices, and end-user computing are all necessary to maintain operational continuity in this essential services sector.

Utility Management Software

Intigate delivers custom utility management software solutions that enables management of your utility portfolio, capture cost and consumption data, and provide tracking and performance monitoring.

ERP Solutions

We develop ERP platforms for the Utilities and energy industry that facilitate inter-department collaboration, inventory management, client coordination, and more.

Billing & Invoicing Systems

Metering and billing systems that allow increased transparency and self-service access to billing information through payment collection, meter reading, and bill generating features.

Mobile Application Development for Energy & Utilities

Intigate’s web and mobile development teams create interactive and responsive mobile applications that integrates all essential functionalities from online billing and online bill payments, and customer communications to support service integration.

Services We Offer

Growing demand, development of renewable energy sources, and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements have all induced major market changes. While these create more opportunities for industry players, they can have limitations without the support of agile IT and software systems. We provide solutions that help clients mitigate these challenges through services such as:

  • Cloud-enabled software and applications

  • CRM solutions

  • Custom software development

  • AI-Integrated management platforms

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

We take a technology-first approach to strategize your digital transformation, combining strategy and technological expertise to support your present and future growth plans.

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Improved response time

  • Integration of industry-leading network and cybersecurity

  • Automation of organizational processes

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Increased visibility of critical information

  • Agile enterprise systems

  • Streamlined workflows

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