01. Requirement & Analysis

Gathering requirements & analysis are the most fundamental & critical phase. We perform detail discussion of each business requirement & convert them into defined into documents, create process diagrams, flowcharts. This phase includes senior members of the team with inputs from the customer, the sales department, market surveys and domain experts in the industry.

02. UI & UX Design

Based on requirements specified in the document, technical experts create software architect and designers create screens. Data models and entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) are also created in the same phase. Two kinds of designs are created as High Level Design (HLD) and Low Level Design (LLD).

03. Development

This is the stage where actual building of project begins. The team develops the software while following all guidelines and standard as stated by the organization. Different programming languages are chosen based on the type of software being developed. The team also needs programming tools like compiler, debugger to implement & generate the code. It is the longest process among others.

04. Quality Assurance

Once coding process is completed, software is deployed into testing environment to test all functionalities & find out bugs, risks, defects before launch. The purpose of doing testing is to verify that software works as per the client’s requirement. This testing process continues until the software comes out to be bug-free, stable, perform complete regression testing to ensure proper working.

05. Implementation

When the software complete testing is performed, it becomes ready to deploy. Sometimes with limited functionalities software is launched named as a beta version to do user acceptance testing (UAT) and to take the feedback of users and launch the completed software implementing the feedback in the real world.

06. Maintenance & Support

Changes will be made when the software deploys in the real world and developer’s team provides complete support in case bug occurring, enhancements required or version upgrade needed. It is necessary to maintain the system so ensure it meets the business needs.

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