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Digitization and rapidly-evolving technological development remain at the helm across all industry domains. The sports and events industry is also not untouched by this wind of change. CIOs and CTOs responsible for managing technology in such organizations are seeking solutions that allow them to deliver an engaging and innovative experience to the fans and attendees.. For clients in the sports and events sectors, our aim is to create solutions that allow them to deliver user engagement. For clients in the sports and events industry, our aim is to create solutions that allow them to deliver unwavering user engagement.

Whether you require our web development services to set up a landing page for an upcoming event or an e-ticketing portal on your existing website, Intigate will provide you with an innovative IT solution you need.

What Intigate Can Do for You

With in-house full-stack development capabilities, Intigate Technologies is well-equipped to provide you with top-notch IT solutions that will increase efficiency and convenience.

Turnkey Sports Software Development

Proficient in a wide range of technologies including Business Intelligence, IoT, Big Data Analytics, and more, our software solutions for the sports and fitness industry are top-notch.

Mobile Application Platforms

Intigate specializes in mobile application development, creating low-code platforms that drive engagement with users through an agile CMS. You get to learn and engage with fans, send them notifications, allow them to track their seats, and automate marketing.

Sports Analytics Solutions

Intigate’s immense capabilities encompass data analytics and software development tools that allow you to capture and manage relevant data to monitor pre- and post-game performance through IoT integrated sensor programming using predictive analysis.

Sports & Events Data Management

Our Business Intelligence solutions with customized sports data management solutions that extract, transfer, load, and analyze data points obtained from multiple sources into large data repositories.

What Intigate Can Do for You

Intigate’s expansive expertise enables our team to develop high-performing and efficient solutions for the sports and events industry, simplifying the process of event management and allowing hosts to deliver audience-specific experiences.

Online Sports Registration App

Whether you’re managing a minor league or finding applicants for a local sports team, we can develop an application that allows participants to register themselves, saving you time and money.

Payment Processing System

Instead of setting up physical sale points tickets, our payment processing systems will allow you to start selling e-tickets through an application that accepts payments from all major cards.

Social Media Marketing Management

No event in today’s day and age goes without marketing on social media. Intigate’s solutions have a built-in social media sharing tool that automatically updates all your social media platforms and makes promotions easier.

E-commerce Platform for Sports Goods

Whether you want to sell merchandise particular to one team or market a general sports goods inventory, Intigate can develop a secure, agile, and easily accessible e-commerce platform that allows you to make profits while sustaining excellent customer experiences.

Our Services

We implement cutting-edge technologies to deploy engaging experiences for your audiences and users. Intigate possesses the most advanced set of skills that we use to incorporate features on websites, applications, and software platforms that ensure seamless user experience. Our services involve developing:

  • E-ticketing and Booking Portals

  • Event listing applications

  • Tournament Management Software

  • Customer Retention Management

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

By delivering energy and excitement through unforgettable event management, our services will benefit your organization in many ways including Streamlined ticketing and payment systems

  • Streamlined ticketing and payment systems

  • Enhancing the overall event experience with innovative solutions

  • Collecting and protecting audience data

  • Connecting the physical with the digital through Wi-Fi-enabled applications

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