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E-commerce, retail, and consumer goods industry players are well-acquainted with the global consumer market and its changing expectations. Each aspect of the retail industry, whether it’s providing a consolidated e-commerce platform for online shopping or a customer experience management solution to support lasting relationships, has to be fine-tuned to benefit end-users along with the organization’s internal management systems.

With almost over 10 years of domain experience in the B2B and B2C e-commerce and retail industry, our consultants and technology experts deliver custom solutions that support clients’ businesses across the physical and digital realm.

What Intigate Can Do for You

We leverage a wide range of capabilities to curate online platforms and applications and help you streamline retail operations, increase business profits, and deliver user-friendly customer services. To be ahead of the game e-retailers can benefit from our experience and expertise with a solution based-approach.

E-Commerce Consulting

In order to support your goal of maximizing your ROI and boosting the bottom line, Intigate develops and delivers highly effective consulting services for transforming your business through the power of technology.. E-commerce is one of the sectors where we have a build impressive credentials.

E-Commerce Development

Intigate houses highly skilled technological capabilities that allow us to deliver feature-rich e-commerce solutions to brands and manufacturers to convene and market their products.

E-Commerce Integrations

Our team has the expertise to automate e-commerce operations by integrating features that support customer experience personalization, data analytics, marketing automation, order management, and more.

Omnichannel Retail

We enable you to obtain seamless and cohesive user experience at every touchpoint by, providing fully-integrated customer experiences through ecosystem architecture where consumers use different devices to interact with your online or offline business.

Our Solutions

From developing multi-vendor applications that support online retail functions to introducing solutions that support omnichannel customer experiences, Intigate aims to deliver scalable marketplace solutions and support your business from ideation to deployment.

Ecommerce Website Development

Intigate develops agile e-commerce websites that allow users to make purchases swiftly, and clients to manage inventories efficiently.

E-commerce Integrations

Intigate has the expertise to integrate scalable functionalitiessuch as digital asset management, inventory management, safe payment gateways etc to create a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

Digital Marketing Automation

Our e-commerce platforms are integrated with social media and marketing features that enable digital marketing automation so businesses can remain competitive and simplify digital marketing.

UI/UX Web Design

With simple, and aesthetically-pleasing UI/UX interfaces and functional design elements that allow e-commerce websites to communicate with your brand identity and deliver better customer experiences.

Services We Offer

With a growing catalog of solutions optimized for performance, functionalities, and usability, Intigate allows marketplace brands to enhance their position among competitors with our services that include:

  • E-Commerce Consulting Services

  • Home Décor Purchasing Portals development

  • Online House Rental Application development

  • Electronic Items Reselling Apps

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

From marketing automation for online selling platforms to enabling visibility for the supply chain, Intigate makes it possible for online retailers to accelerate their growth in the e-commerce industry. We enable our clients to:

  • Integrate internal and external security events for threat management.

  • Automate buying and selling processes.

  • Ensure PCI DSS-compliance for card processing.

  • Manage inventory and provide visibility for supply chain lifecycles.

  • Provide interactive reporting dashboards.

  • Provide mobile commerce capabilities.

  • Help you make data-driven decisions.

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