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Our agile solutions for food and beverage industry will help you exceed customers’ expectations through the power of technology.


Companies across all industries are now facing the pressure to react to evolving consumer behaviors and changing market dynamics to sustain their competitive edge in ever-evolving markets. Food and beverage industry, is also striving to join the league to evolve with the changing technological landscape. Simply setting up a website or using legacy systems to support corporate operations is no longer sufficient for making sure you remain competitive. In a world where there are rapid technological changes , benchmarks are too high.

This is where Intigate’s expertise in the realm of software development and digital transformation comes into play. Our developers, well-versed in diverse development capabilities can help food & beverage organizations to innovate their way into the future.

From website and mobile app development to creating a digitally amusing atmosphere for the customers, we aim to deliver unmatched solutions to the catering business. Leveraging our advanced skills in big data, data analytics, business intelligence, and cloud technologies, we are able to create and help businesses capitalize on new business opportunities available to them

What Intigate Can Do for You

An overwhelming need to optimize business processes and provide customers a seamless user experience drives our solutions. We understand that unlike other industries, companies in the food and beverage sector are vastly influenced by their consumers.

Food and Beverage IoT Solutions

We leverage advanced technologies like IoT to develop software solutions for the food and beverage industry to enable improvements throughout the product lifecycle.

Food and Beverage ERP and Cloud Software Systems

Utilizing cloud-based technology, Intigate develops software solutions that facilitate integration of a wide range of organization-wide operations, from inventory management to automating manufacturing processes to managing supply chain.

Food and Beverage Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our development and software experts are highly adept with integration of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence technologies. This allows our clients to learn from their data, using insights to learn customer preferences and metrics to predict their demands.

Online Restaurant POS Systems

Cloud-based POS systems allow intuitive restaurant management, enabling automatic payments, streamlining business operations, reducing costs, and delivering flexible, versatile, and high-quality experiences.

Our Solutions

With Intigate, you can rest assured that your consumers’ demands and needs will be reflected in our solutions.

Restaurant Management Software

Our restaurant management software deploys consolidated platforms that allow restaurateurs and mangers to control and oversee all the restaurant operations.

Online Booking Applications

These applications make restaurant management a lot easier while providing diners and patrons an efficient way of booking tables or making reservations without having to interact with a manager. They can see availability on their chosen data and make their reservations.

Online Food Ordering & Tracking Platform

With the demand for online food ordering platforms increasingly growing, Intigate’s developers can create agile platforms and applications that customers can use to order and track their food deliveries from restaurants.

Service Management Systems

Whether you’re a manufacturer or shipper, we develop software with tools integrated with cloud computing and IoT systems that facilitate inventory tracking, cost controlling, and other features.

Services We Offer

Whether you want to add new features to existing systems or create a new solution to integrate various catering business systems, Intigate can develop advanced user-friendly solutions for the food and beverage industry:

  • Online Grocery Marketplace

  • Customer Management Systems

  • Warehouse and Logistics Management System

  • Food Traceability Software Solutions

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

Intigate provides highly calibrated software and IT solutions that enable food and beverage industry players to improve their reach to consumers, automate internal operations, manage their supply chains, and remain compliant with industry regulations. You can expect to avail the following benefits by using our systems. Develop and improve existing systems and IT infrastructures:

  • Maintain accurate inventory and finances

  • Leverage mobility to establish direct connection with the consumers

  • Seamless management of front-house operations including but not limited to sales management

  • Making food and beverage production and delivery smarter

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