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Facilitate non-linear content distribution through multifunctional, scalable applications and software solutions


The media and entertainment industry in the United States is the largest in the world. Currently, it stands at $717 billion, representing more than one-third of the global industry. Over the years, especially with online and digital media taking the lead over conventional broadcasting, the media and entertainment industry is ever evolving.

As rapid media sharing, content sharing, streaming, and mobile viewership become the norm, having access to efficient software solutions is critical. Rising to the challenge, Intigate offers media organizations platforms and applications that support processes, like content production and distribution.

We leverage a series of web and digital capabilities and skills that will enable you to integrate features that increase user engagement through high-performance media solutions and adapt to the industry’s changing needs.

What Intigate Can Do for You

We understand that the media and entertainment industry relies on software systems that protect intellectual property and facilitate the distribution and streaming of digital content. Our capabilities are versatile, ranging from web mobile application development to business intelligence and data analytics.

Web & Mobile development

We follow processes that allow our coders to create solutions that facilitate cross-platform content sharing

Intellectual Property Management

Our technological capabilities enable our clients to integrate systems that comply with necessary regulations and make intellectual property and data asset management convenient.

BI & Data Analytics

Through content sharing and streaming applications we o analyze user behavior and make suggestions and promotions based on learned insights.

UI/UX We Create Robust Design Architecture

which integrates user-centric interfaces to make media sharing faster, mobile, and social.

Emerging Technology Our Industry-Specific

Know-how allows us to adopt and deliver modern solutions to our clients. From voice recognition and the integration of AI in customer service to 3D and augmented reality, we are well-versed in the latest technologies.

Our Solutions

Intigate enables engaging user experiences through efficient media and entertainment software solutions that support all phases of the content life cycle.

Digital Media & Multimedia Solutions

With an aim to increase user engagement, we integrate features such as site search, social sharing, and cross-browser capabilities for content distribution, streaming, and e-ticketing solutions.

Content Distribution Management

We build customized content management and distribution systems for the media and entertainment industry. Each platform is meant to deliver scalability through different channels.

Music Service Application

Intigate understands that 90% of consumer media spend is in-app. We build native and cross-platform applications that enable content streaming across various mobile devices.

Social Media Integration

From social media integration on existing platforms to social sharing features, we can create feature-rich solutions.

Video Recording Software

We can develop software solutions that enable high-quality video recording and production with robust features that support efficient operations within the media industry.

Digital Assets Management

Whether your intellectual property comprises music recordings or other digital assets, our Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems address the needs of the entertainment industry with increased security.

Services We Offer

With a decade of experience in dealing with the unique IT challenges of this industry, Intigate is well-versed with the media and entertainment landscape and understands industry standards. Hence, we can curate software solutions that future-proof your organization and can automate key management processes such as:

  • Graphics Editing System

  • Marketing Management Solution

  • Media Management Service

  • Social Media Monitoring & Intelligence Software

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

From our digital rights management solutions to our social media monitoring and intelligence software, we deploy powerful, multifunctional, and scalable media platforms that benefit our clients in various areas, including:

  • Increase and retain user engagement

  • Make cross-channel and platform content sharing easier

  • Optimize the performance of your existing streaming applications

  • Integrate a unified system to consolidate data

  • Remain compliant with industry regulations in terms of licensing, distribution, and copyrights

  • Build and deploy entertainment products to on-the-go users

  • Catalog and distribute your content effectively

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