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Deploy our media solutions to stream your content non-linearly across devices. We offer powerful, multifunctional and scalable marketplace platform.


The media and entertainment industry introduces us to the real world by providing digital content and also helps in broadcasting channels to publish their content on social media. A piece of right information shared by broadcasters and news channels enables us to know about the various phases of industries and markets. Social media also plays a great job in order to achieve business objectives determined by a publisher or TV channels.

Media and entertainment industry has changed extremely and created a deep impact on the life of individuals. By catching digital content on the TV and other social media platforms. We, at Intigate, provide marketing automation tools that let you be aware of the latest trends and news and with the help of sales channels.

IT Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Digital Assets Management

Design Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems to specifically address the needs of the entertainment industry.

Digital Rights Management

Provide software solutions that safeguard your digital assets from being redistributed.

Video Recording Software

Develop world-class video production software with robust features to cater to the media and entertainment industry.

Services We Offer

  • Graphics editing System
  • Marketing Management Solution
  • Media Management Service
  • Social Media Monitoring and Intelligence Software

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