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While the entire business landscape is affected by technological disruption, the healthcare industry has far more complex demands to keep up with the exigency of today’s growing populations.

In addition to changing care delivery systems, the development of robotics for surgical procedures, and the emergence of new telemedicine trends, the regulatory environment in the healthcare industry is challenging to keep up without diverting your focus from patient care.

Regardless of whether you rely on legacy systems or have migrated to a modern IT infrastructure, the priority remains in safeguarding patient’s health records. Without proper integration of modern IT considerations, companies and practices risk breaches, malware attacks, and non-compliance with HIPAA regulations.

What Intigate Can Do for You

Understanding that time and regulatory adherence is of essence in the healthcare industry, Intigate Technologies handles all aspects of your IT environment. A decade worth of experience has been central in allowing us to leverage a wide range of technologies and capabilities to deliver solutions that ensure business continuity and care provision.

Data Management Solutions

Considering that data is central to digital transformation, we integrate Business Intelligence and Data Analytics technologies in solutions that help hospitals and healthcare facilities manage patient records. The also allows the maintenance of patient security, transparency, and compliance.

Healthcare Process Management

Intigate Technologies helps you build HIPAA compliant software solutions that streamline internal operations across various departments, from equipment management for healthcare providers to providing personalized patient experiences through automated booking systems and healthcare applications.

Solutions for Compliance and Security

Catering to the complicated needs of the healthcare industry, Intigate Technologies develops solutions that enable hospitals, clinics, and other similar facilities to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA for keeping patient information confidential.

System Modernization

In order to facilitate the transition from legacy systems to keep up with the rapidly growing and expanding healthcare needs of the new digital landscape.

Our Solutions

Improper IT setups in the healthcare industry can put sensitive patient information and medical records at risk of a breach, which can end up costing the company millions. We at Intigate Technologies help clients mitigate that risk and maintain operational excellence, allowing the company to focus on patient care. Our healthcare solutions are integrated with the following advanced features:

Electronic Health Record Management Systems

Intigate’s EHR solutions help the clients store and manage patient medical data effectively while delivering healthcare services in compliance to the regulations.

Medical Billing & Invoicing Systems

Billing and invoicing in the healthcare industry can be a little more complicated with insurance considerations. With a consolidated medical billing and invoicing system, you can make sure patients are charged properly and vendors receive payments in a timely manner.

Appointment Scheduling Systems

Private doctors and medical professionals can use this platform to manage their practice’s daily operations. Patients can also check the doctor’s availability and schedule their appointments from the comfort of their home.

Imaging & Visualization System

Imaging and visualization platforms help automate hospital procedures, making scans, reports, x-rays, and other reports available on a tablet, preventing people from running back and forth from path lab and radiology.

Services We Offer

By enabling improved electronic record management, providing mobile solutions, and digital transformation, our clients have been able to increase their productivity and improve the quality of care they provide. Some of the services in our catalog for the healthcare industry include:

  • IT strategy consulting (IT roadmap, application integration plan, service reliability and ensuring HIPAA compliance)

  • Patient and Staff Record Management software

  • Invoicing and payment management

  • Medical document management for both doctors and patients

Benefits of Choosing Our Solutions

Privy to the demanding challenges of the healthcare industry, we curate solutions that deliver a wide range of benefits including:

  • Data migration and backup through modern EHR software

  • Accurate invoice and billing management

  • Increased IT infrastructure and network security

  • The efficient appointment scheduling system

  • Compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulatory standards

  • Reduced operational costs (UPTO 30%) and downtime

  • Secure patient health record management

  • Proactive support

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