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Learning portals, and student information management systems have changed the face of education all over the world. Further coronavirus pandemic has made the importance of remote learning evident. Distance learning has not only made technology an integral part of education but has also created the need for the adoption of social, mobile, and cloud technologies to support learning.

We at Intigate Technologies enable digital transformation with agile and streamlined software solutions. As legacy systems have failed to cater to the new developments and requirements of the virtual educational institutes, we have the capabilities to integrate data management, analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other new-age technologies that keep sensitive information secure while supporting learning. Intigate’s software and technology solutions are driving educational institutes into the modern age.

What Intigate Can Do for You

During the past decade, we have witnessed and been a part of technological advancements in the education industry. Adopting the latest technologies as they emerge, Intigate has proven itself as a reliable partner for improving and empowering academic institutions.

Knowledge Management solutions

We design, develop and deploy comprehensive solutions that facilitate knowledge and data management, retrieval, and transfer. Our KM systems enable academic institutions to make use of technology to accelerate and enhance user experience.

Wide Technological Portfolio

Intigate houses a wide portfolio of expert capabilities that comprise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, interactive learning modules, various operating systems, frameworks, and databases.

Business Analysis Team

Intigate through its detailed business analysis, allows clients to collaborate with subject-matter experts, project managers, UI/UX experts, and consultants, etc. to develop platforms that meet all their needs.

Educational Analytics

Data science and analytics are integrated into educational platforms for both group and individual users, enabling administrators to monitor and assess students and other employees skills, proficiency, and training needs.

What Intigate Can Do for You

Education institutes, whether primary schools or research facilities, all require a support matrix in the form of an efficient IT system that supports operational excellence on both student and staff ends.

E-Learning Platforms and mobile Apps

Intigate designs digital learning platforms and mobile apps that allow students and teachers to manage course materials, upload and access assignments, set and take tests, take attendance, etc.

School Management Portal

School management system allows automation of the internal operations of the institution. It will help you migrate from existing legacy systems to modern alternatives.

Student Performance Management

Student performance management portals allow academic staff and students to keep a track of how students are performing to make sure students are progressing towards their academic goals.

Corporate Training Software

Intigate can develop learning platforms that allow administration to facilitate employee training through microlearning and e-learning. They also allow skill assessment and feedback for performance tracking.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that all seek to enable educational institutes to add value to their students, staff, and faculty experience. Some of our solutions include:

  • School Administration Management

  • E-Learning Management Systems

  • Exam Management Systems

  • Payroll management systems

Benefits of using our education industry solutions include:

Intigate upholds a great level of diligence in our services to support technological advancements in the education industry. We can work on an individual project basis to support your needs or provide ongoing IT support for your existing infrastructure.

  • Protection of private student data

  • Easy reporting mechanisms

  • Advanced, remote learning capabilities

  • Automation of operational processes that support cost-cutting

  • Improved overall network security

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